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Education Delivery Process
SBOA Public School SBOA Public School has been initiating continuous reforms to meet the contemporary demands in the field of knowledge. While shaping the yearling curriculum, the school takes into accounts all the changes- social, economic and political, to inculcate in the children an understanding of present day’s issues. As for academic, exercises and assignments are planned with a special effort to thwart rote character building, personality enhancement and life skill development.
On the co-curriculum level, children are put under different clubs and houses for creative outlets through interesting and fun filled activities .they are provided with a variety of activities such as painting, origami, art,sports,yoga, music, craft, cookery .Thus the school afford an ideal opening to develop their hobbies and talents, to excite the young children’s imagination and promote a sense of great achievement. Through all these activities, the students and teacher also promote mutual understanding, through close interaction.
SBOA-RathiN Through activities like group discussion, debate, quiz, interaction with eminent personalities, the students get ample opportunities to enrich themselves with skills vital to face the competitive world like a leader. Physical education has special importance with an objective to strongly build health supportive habits into their nature children get advance computer knowledge in a well equipped. Computer laboratory to be technically sound. With the changing time and trends, the school has understood well the dire need to impart value -based education to counter the immoralitics deeply rooted in the society.so, moral science as a subject is made compulsory in pre-primary and primary section to nourish the inner spirit.